Mwaniki, the visual director.

narratives. explainers. promos. documentaries.

KamiLimu, Five Years On

The project looks to showcase KamiLimu’s impact five years after its founding. The non-profit has so far been recognized by two global awards, multiple media features on platforms such as VOGUE and Built-in Africa, and published research articles on The Conversation Africa and premier academic conferences.

Scriptwriter, Director & Editor.

Reimagine Education Awards

The project was a showcase submission to the Reimagine Education Conference & Awards. The video was presented at the conference’s booth and during two award ceremonies where the client, KamiLimu, won the Silver Award in the Nurturing Employability Category and the Africa Gold Award at the QS MAPLE Conference.

Screenwriter, Director & Editor.

Mentor Mentee Mixer Aftermovie.

A short docu showcasing KamiLimu’s Mentor-Mentee Mixer, demonstrating the start of a multi-pronged approach to providing structured mentorship.

Director & Editor.

Public WiFi Risks

The project was based on a paper I co-authored that proposes a Digital Storytelling model that forms a basis for creating digital storytelling media that can be used to increase cybersecurity awareness among Kenyan smartphone users.

Story Developer, Screenwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Colorist.

KamiLimu, Our Story.

The project is a brief peek into the activities, impact and story of, KamiLimu, an 8-month structured mentorship program that complements classroom learning for tech-aligned university students in Kenya.

Screenwriter, Director & Editor.

Interaction Design Foundation, My Story.

A video I scripted, directed and edited for an annual membership consideration by the Interaction Design Foundation, the world’s number one design school. I am happy to say it went all the way in securing the membership which I sough to further improve my understanding of Human Centered Design.

Scriptwriter, Director & Editor.

Becoming, On Poetry & Code.

In 2018, I was one of six finalists for the inaugural KamiLimu scholarship. The video submission above which was scripted and directed by me, lead to my winning the competition. I became the First KamiLimu Fellow.

Scriptwriter & Director.