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Stepping Out of Myself

An interview with elizabeth kagimbi

My first 3 years working were all about creating fancy designs that would please my ego…

Every Day is Learning

an interview with meshack kipkorir

 I want to fight my impostor syndrome more, as I realized people actually learn at work. I’ve come to see that one does not have to know everything going in…

Learning, Unlearning & Relearning

An interview with jacklyne betty

Every day I looked forward to 4:30 pm so I could talk to my students. It gave me so much purpose…

Figuring it Out

an interview with tabitha kavyu

I feel when you get more exposed to the tech community, you realise there is more to tech than the Computer Science we learn in class…

Knowing When to Stop

An interview with Elena Mwangi

I’m the person who has 48 tabs open on their browser because I’ve gone down a rabbit hole…

Slowly Fitting into my own Shoes

An interview with Wangechi Murimi

I thought that if I could successfully mix friends, school and my career, I would be getting the best deal…

El Xilófono

A fictional story written in commemoration of UNICEF’s 70th Anniversary

The sound of xylophones. Bold, round and resonant. It makes the dust under his nose bounce, just faintly. He pauses his breathing. Listens…

A Digital Storytelling Model

Academic Paper

This paper proposes a Digital Storytelling model that forms a basis for creating digital storytelling media that can be used to increase cybersecurity awareness among Kenyan smartphone users.

In the Squeezing of a Lemon

think piece | Musing

… And thus I seat here. At the edge of the staircase, next to a bin, half full of kitchen refuse, waiting to catch the sunrise the first time this month. I think this is something that deserves my losing sleep over.

For the Dads

A fictional story written as part of a Father’s Day series #forthedads

Sadly, many men have been fooled into believing that the love they should have for their families is somewhat of a diminutive resemblance to a mother’s love…

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