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Digital Product Design


Guiding novice learners of programming to grasp concepts through practical memorable gamified tasks.

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Java Self Drive

Improving customer retention and accommodating business growth by automating the car rental experience.

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Connecting utility & delivery service providers with clientele in need of on-demand water delivery, accident recovery or freight hauling.

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Social Innovation


Human-centered storytelling as a vehicle to encourage at-risk women to know about and seek schistosomiasis treatment.

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Understanding the value of customer-centricity in financial institutions through K-Rep Fedha Services (KFS) and Financial Service Associations (FSAs).

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A Digital Storytelling Model

Increasing information security awareness among Kenyan smartphone users.


Responsible Computing

Log Eye

Detecting logging activity in forests using sound processing.

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Is Your Window Open to Inclusion?

How might we build empathy for audiences with different sensory abilities among curators and creators of experiences?

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