SIGHT 👀 2.0

I saw it in his eyes
Those grey eyes
I saw him lick his lips
Tongue out like a slithering snake

I saw red
His hands were on your……
You were smiling
He was smiling
A victorious look on his face;
A wolf’s grin

I move towards you
You  move towards me
Hand in hand, like a couple walking on the sandy beaches
My own, now bloody, unclenched
Matt this is that old friend I told you about Jeff  ‘
Jeff ,meet my fiance Matt

I had heard you whisper that name
While you were asleep
While I kissed you…
On that sweet spot behind your ear
I heard it when I was on top…

I remember your puppy eyes
Bright shiny hazel eyes
Eyes that made, no…make
Eyes that make me melt
We’re just friends, you said
I believed you
I could not say no to those eyes
So I dropped my quest for an answer

I saw green
When he had the first dance with you
When you left me at home for a week
To go tend to his slightly cut finger
When his name is constantly on your lips
We’re just best friends, you said
Don’t be jealous

I saw you
I saw him
I saw both of you
Holding on to each other
Lovers’ embrace
Your lips clasped upon his lips
Your hazel eyes closed

I was out of the room
I was out of the house
I was on the road
I did not see the bright yellow lights
I did not hear the blaring honk
I did not hear the screeching tyres
All I could think of;
Those hazel eyes
Open, closed
Those luscious lips;
Now claimed by another

I force a smile..
A wish of happiness I send your way
As I hobble away
A curse of sorrow I place on you
You seem happy, but not for long
After all, you show no remorse.

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