Solving My Blues

White lights

Street fights

Blinking, outright.

It’s out at night

Dark alleys

Hidden valleys

Lost souls.

Water filled gullies

Empty streets

Fast cars

Humans breathing under sheets.

Souls scarred,

Under sacks too short for their feet

Bare knees

Calling to clad:

“Cover me!”

Skin, darkened and sad.

Teetering on heels

That echo like peckers on trees

Walking resolute on a deserted road,

Never showing its struggles with the load.

Peeping through a hole in the sack

Feet freezing; heart beating

Fascinated by this jack –

Selling produce by day, by night she the produce

I could be her

Draped in fur

Lean like her on that pole

And wait to score a goal

I could swivel my hips

And pucker my lips

Put on a smile,

Hang with him for a while

And at the end of my shift

Pile the crumpled notes into a heap

Warm up in a long blanket

Enjoy half a good night’s sleep

In a house, on a hill

With a painting of a duck’s bill.

But sirens rent the air

Feet scamper, bodies hide

I am still under my sack

As feet stomp by my side

But I don’t like to run

Definitely not in those shoes

There must be a different answer

To solving my blues.

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